Am I the One For HopeLab?

A Twitterfriend of mine e-mailed me yesterday with this subject line: “a job 4 u?”.  In it was a link to a Manager of Communications and Emerging Media open position at Hope Lab. As I read the post I had to agree with my friend that that job opening could possibly be well for me.  It is definitely in line with my passion, with my personal mission, and my experiences as well.  All day yesterday I was musing and contemplating on this opportunity.  Surely there will be many applicants who will apply for this job.  What would make me stand out from the rest?
Thinking about it more, I have come to a conclusion that it’s not a matter of “standing out from the rest” it’s a matter of “am I the right fit?“. So, let me tackle that a bit.  Let me lay the cards out here and let them decide if I am the piece of the puzzle they are looking for. I will bare all – the pluses and the minuses, the way I see it. The reasons why they should hire me, and the reasons why they might think it won’t work out.

Let me change my voice from here on and let’s pretend I am talking to HopeLab:
1. HopeLab needs someone who is “passionate, driven, innovative, and fun to work with”. My references can attest that I have those qualities.  In the virtual world, you can check with @Jowyang, @NEENZ, @RoxanneDarling@Peterliu47 and more (I can give you hundreds of references).  In real life IRL, you can e-mail my boss at Spencer Homes Maui. I worked with Spencer Homes for 13 years … we are slow at the moment, so I am in-between jobs.  I am sure they will call me back once we start our new project. But for now, I need a job.
2. I am passionate about using the emerging media to accomplish life’s missions and make a difference in my family and friends, my community, and the world.  I have used it to help family in crisis, promote the tourism industry in the island I live on, and foster good communication among parents and teachers in the school where my kids go to. I use social media effectively in many ways. I am very active in the social media world.  I have a very good reputation. says I am influential when I checked on my status as @amauiblog. “Thought leader” is the term they used.

3. I am passionate about helping kids live healthy lives.  “I am a mother, hear me roar!” was one of our favorite line in this parents forum that I was very active at at one point (  I have two kids, one just turned 13 and one turning 12 soon.  Seriously, I am a mother who has a  a mission to raise my kids right in this crooked world of ours.  It’ll be great to have the opportunity to help more kids in addition to my own.
4. I love sticky notes. I use them all the time!
1. I live on Maui, Hawaii. HopeLab’s office is in San Franscisco Bay Area.  I do not think I can convince my family to move to CA.  Actually I love living on Maui myself.  Would Hoplab allow virtual remote offices?  Would there be an airline sponsoring me to go to their office on a regular basis to touch base?
2. I am not a bona fide geek.  I am a semi-geek.  I do have the technical knowledge and abilities to use many of the social media applications, but I know that I still have to learn a lot more.  I can easily learn though. And I am good friends with a lot of geeks.  Collaboration is the key in overcoming this weakness.
3. English is my second language.  I love to write and I express myself well in writing.  However, in writing blog posts, I take a lot of time because I have to check and double check my English.  I don’t write as eloquently as many writers do.  Most of my writings are conversational and not journalistic. I do not use a lot of “big words”.  Feel free to check out my blogs (A Maui Blog and Liza’s Eyeview) and there you will see my writing styles.
There are many things to consider I am sure.  In between those plusses and minusses, there are skills that I have, educational background, experiences, personality traits, etc.  For more of that formalities, please check out my Linked In Page: Liza Pierce

It would be nice to hear from HopeLab.  Maybe an interview would give us a better understanding wether I fit or not. We shall see…. stay tuned.

This Will Only Take A Few Minutes, I Promise

There are 101 things to do on my list.  And writing this post is not one of them.  But this will only take a few minutes, I promise.  I just want to give you some updates on me (assuming that you are interested to know about me):

* HopeLap e-mailed me. They loved my post.  They recognized my influence in the Social Media world.  However, the glitch that I thought was a glitch is still a glitch.  Actually, it’s not just a glitch.  It’s a hindrance.  It boils down to “I am on Maui and they are on Redwoods City, San Francisco Bay, California”.  The person to get the job has to be there, not here.  Should I move there then? Nah! Can’t. Anyway, it was very encouraging to hear from them.  I still support Hopelab and now that I am made aware of it and its mission, I will help promote them.

* I am re-igniting my passion for being an advocate for kids with learning disabilities.  The passion actually hasn’t died, but it was buried a little bit as I focused more on promoting Maui, than developing a blog about LD that I started earlier.  So after I log off here, I am heading to that blog called “Learning Nest” to upload more info there.  I also am re-uniting with a group of parents who are passionate advocates for kids with learning disabilities.  It’s good to be surrounded with peeps who knows exactly what a parent of a child with LD is going through.

* I still have a cough.  I just took a spoonful of Robitussin cough syrup and it tasted horrible! Whoever invents a cough syrup that will taste like ice cream and still works will be  billionaire. Bleh! the aftertaste of this syrup is still in my mouth!

Ok, few minutes up! Aloha io!

From Vessel to Vessel, All For His Glory

Pastor Dominic announced on Sunday that he and his family are moving to England.  The first official announcement was done last Wednesday night. (listen to it at God of New Things podcast) .

We just started attending Calvary Chapel South Maui about a month ago, and I was truly enjoying pastor Dominic’s teachings. I was being ministered to in a way that I needed to.  So, deep inside of me I wanted to be very  disappointed when I first heard the news. Obviously, for selfish reasons. I wanted to feel betrayed or let down.  I wanted them to stay.  But the other part of me knows it’s all in God’s hands and it’s all part of the plan.  I knew he is following God’s will.

The last 4 weeks that we are going to Calvary Chapel I kept on thinking how much the Sunday messages were designed specially for me. Each Sunday I come home feeling encouraged by the Lord through pastor Dominic’s words. The truth is, the message was designed for all of us, including pastor Dominic’s family. God has a way of working together everything for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purpose. I am sad, yes. But life will go on and God will use another one to minister to me, to us. And he will use pastor Dominic and his family in England.

Last night I listened to the podcast of the Wednesday Bible Stody (God of New Things)  where he poured out his heart as he announced this move.  The story is all too close to my heart.  Many events in my life were similar in a way (even way back when I was still in the Philippines).  I thought of blogging about those stories, but can’t even find the energy or the words to do so. All I know is that there is a common thread in the stories: that sometimes God pour us from vessel to vessel to accomplish the will that He has for us and for the world.  What I had learned is that if we are sensitive to His leading, if we obey His words, and if stay close to Him, He will lead the way and blessings will be poured upon us.  It’s not always easy, but the peace of God would always be there.

One of the church member helped pastor Dominic set up a website for him and his family. And there’s a blog in it it. Talk about getting connected.  I always believe that a blog is one of the best connecting tool available out there, and I am glad a blog was set-up for him.

So what’s next? I don’t know.  Are we staying at Calvary or are we supposed to attend Kumulani Chapel? I think we are going to take it day by day, Sunday by Sunday, until we (my husband and I) know for sure where the next vessel we should be….

Back To My Blogging Roots

It’s 4:25 AM. I am not supposed to be blogging. I am right now taking 2 weeks off from all my social media gigs to focus on helping my son get through the last 2 weeks of school without a glitch. But Liza’s Eyview is a “safe place” and a “venting place” for me so here I am.

As many of you who are friends of Liza’s Eyeview know, my son is uniquely gifted. He is what they call “gifted dyslexic” or “twice exceptional”. He has a high IQ, yet it does not transfer into his performance in school because of his dyslexia, unless he is given various accommodations. He needs close monitoring to be able to finish is school work without him getting frustrated and giving up. He also needs help in getting focused. I have spent many many hours on the internet and reading books researching how to best help him succeed in school and in life because it’s really hard being a gifted dyslexic. The good news is there are tons of information and resources out there that helps a parents help their gifted dyslexic child. The bad news is itrequires a lot of time and energy and attention – and most parents nowadays do not have the luxury of “lots of time”…. at least not I.

Back to my blogging roots. Yes, I came back here to my original blog to vent, to reflect, to contemplate, to seek support. In this blog I am at home. This is my online journal where I can pour out my emotions without any concerns … here I can ramble and not worry about what advertisers would say or how it would affect my overall niche.

Did I already tell you I am taking a 2 week off my social media gigs? Did I also tell you that I took an emergency 2 week off from my current day job which made my husband very worried. He was worried of how my bosses would react because that’s a very irresponsible thing to do – just e-mail that day (yesterday) to tell them I am taking a 2 weeks off, and it starts right now. Ahhh, that is so unlike me. And yet I had to do that. I had to do that after I logged in into my son’s “powerschool” (the website where we check their grades and performance) and saw that his grades are in the danger zone. I must intervene. I must give him an undivided attention. Not that I would do the work for him, but I must be there when he does his work to keep him focused. To keep me focused. This is what I am called to do. To make my family life a priority….

There is such too much to sort out in my life right now. Aside from the clutter in my house, there are also clutter in my mind. There are complicated decisions to make. Decisions that cannot be decided upon just by what I believe is my calling – but it had to be in line with what my husband think is best for the family. Afterall, he is the head of our family.

Ahhh… its feel so good to ramble here. That’s how I started blogging. And that’s what meant about blogging roots….

Have I already told you that love being a mom? How about the fact that I also love being a wife, a daughter, a sister and a friend? Why is life nowadays seems so complicated? We have all these gadgets to save time and yet the more time we save on these gadgets, the more stressful it seems.

Life is meant to be simple, and yet we make it hard.

Yesterday I was at Borders and I saw this Yoga DVD for $7.99. I bought it. I will do yoga for 30 minutes a day to get rid of the stiffness in my body caused by all these stress. I need to do this while I am on my “emergency mental health and undivided attention to help G mission” vacation.

Ahhh… it’s 10 minutes till 5AM. I better stop blogging and get back on checking all of the homework G accomplished last night. He worked hard last night. He even missed the Church Youth Group (which he absolutely loves attending), to focus on school project.

May this day be another productive one. Lord, help us.

Moving Forward

… I do not count myself to have apprehended; but one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind and reaching forward to those things which are ahead, I press toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus…. Philippians 3:12-15

Yesterday we attended Kumulani Chapel on the Westside of Maui. We have heard back in April that Ricky is back on Maui and back to being pastor at Kumulani. We wanted to visit and welcome him back but we did not get a chance until yesterday.

We have a long history with Kumulani Chapel, especially it’s Pastor Ricky Ryan. I met Ricky way back in the ’80’s, back in the Philippines (’87) when I was working at A New Beginning with Greg Laurie and Harvest Christian Fellowship with Dain Wadley. Bradley on the other hand knew Ricky in the late ’80’s because he was then his pastor at Kumulani Chapel here on Maui. Stevo, one of the elders at Kumulani, was the one who shared about Jesus Christ to Bradley. Bradley’s first church when he became a Christian was Kumulani Chapel. Ricky is the pastor who “dunked” him in the ocean (yes, I meant “baptized” him 🙂 ). The first mission trip in which Bradley went to the Philippines was led by Ricky Ryan. Bradley and I did not meet at the time. We met on the second mission trip that he went to, which was with our current pastor Craig Englert. And to make that long story short, Bradley and I met and now we are are married (17 years…).
Back to Ricky…. Ricky Ryan is the most enthusiastic, most encouraging person you (we) can ever meet. But it’s not fake or weird enthusiasm … like saying Praise the Lord all the time and pretending everything is and will be hanky dory kinda of thing. His is authentic – something that springs out of the abundance of his heart. I think he has this gift of encouragement, that when he talks to people he touches them (us) to the core of their (our) hearts and meet their (our) needs without him even knowing what they are.
Anyway, enough of the intro and let me move forward. The text of his Bible teaching that day was Philippians 3:12-15 (verse written on top of this post). Bradley and I needed to hear those words in all its angles. Every word that was spoken during that teaching seems to be directed to both of us. Amazing how that happens.
I was going to attempt to share the teaching here but I thought it would be best to hear it from Ryan himself. Therefore I will wait for them to upload it on the Kumulani webpage and will put a link here to the teaching. Here’s where it’ll be uploaded, maybe midweek:
The whole day yesterday, that Philippians 3:12-15 was in my heart and mind and I think it’ll be there for a while. It’ll keep me going and moving forward in this race of life.

tough times

Last Friday I went to the State Building to follow up on our permit application at work. I was greeted with this sign on the closed door. I had forgotten that it’s Furlough Friday not only for teachers but for all State workers here on Hawaii.
I took a photo of the sign, and as I was texting the photo to my Twitpic account, a lady came up to the door with a perplexed look on her face. I smiled. She smiled back and asked “Is this the office where I can apply for Food Stamp?” I said “Yes, I think so, but it’s closed today“. She paused, then awkwardly said “this is my first time to apply for a food stamp. I am a teacher and I work so hard all these years….” She went on to tell me some more personal stories. I can tell she was a little embarrassed about having to apply for a food stamp so I told her I understand. Times are tough….
As she was telling me her story, tears fell down her eyes. “There’s just no work out there” she said. She used to tutor and she used to turn down offers because she has so many. Now, no one is hiring….
She apologized for telling me too much. I told her she didn’t need to apologize. I am glad she told me and that she was able to get that load out of her heart even by just talking about it. I was there to listen.
I gave her the name of the tutoring organization where my son used to go. I told her to call and see if they have any opening. Unfortunately, most likely there is none.
The above is just one example of a “tough times” we have. There are more within our midst. Just last week, we found out that our friend has cancer and prognosis was not good. We are praying and trusting God for a miracle. Then there’s the earthquake in Haiti. That was horrible….
Times are tough … we need to hang on … we need to hold on to our faith…


Finding My Center in the Blogsphere

It’s been a while since I blogged here at Liza’s Eyeview. A lot have happened since then. One of those that “have happened” is that I now work as social media coordinator – full time, with pay. What was once a hobby is now my job. Most people would say I am lucky. In other words, I am blessed.

One danger of turning a hobby into a job is the possibility of burn-out. Generally, passionate people who are pasionate about what they do are susceptible to burn out because they give so much of themselves doing the things that they do, that sometimes their minds or bodies cannot keep up. That’s the way with me sometimes. But I don’t want to get burned out right now. I am enjoying my job and I intend to keep it that way.

Tonight I decided to came back to Lizas Eyeview to visit my blogging roots, to get grounded and be refreshed. When I say “finding my center in the blogosphere” I meant “finding balance“. At my current job right now I am developing two new blogs, on a tight budget (understandable in this current economy). That means I cannot outsource it, I have to do it all. I like blogging so that’s a good thing, but there are so much to do. Aside from the 2 work blogs, I also have to re-construct my A Maui Blogbecause it was recently hacked. A lot of the fixing and rebuilding is already done, but  there are still so many details I need to organize and update on.  This should a good timing to do it, but it can’t be a priority over my 2 other projects. And aside from my full-time job, I’m still doing a part time job helping a friend develop and mainatin his social media involvement. So you see, I am pretty busy.  This is not even counting doing my wifey and mommy duties – lets not go there for now.

Going back to Lizas Eyeview, it’s amazing how even with the irregular postings, my page rank is still considerably high in Google Page ranking. OK, let’s not go there either.

I had a great time visiting the blogs of my “old” bloggy friends.  I think I’d do this more often.

My eyes are heavy now and I am dozing off.  I think I’m going to back and will continue this musing tomorrow….

Help Prevent Child Abuse – Here’s How – TraffickJam2011Maui

If there is one thing that truly breaks my heart, it is when I hear a child being abused. And so when I heard about the traffickjam, I decided to participate. I am thankful that I grew up in a loving and safe environment. I am thankful that my kids are also growing up in a safe and loving envinroment. But some kids are not, and I want to help them in my own little way. Would you join me?

Details of Traffick Jam 2011 are posted below. I need you support. Can I count you in? Here’s the scoop (as posted in the TrafficJam2011 Facebook for Maui):

Traffick Jam is a nationwide fundraiser that the Hard Places Community is holding on May 7, 2011. We are planning a walk-a-thon that will include all fifty states, a huge undertaking. The slogan for the walk-a-thon is Traffick Jam 2011: In one day, we can help bring child sex trafficking to a grinding halt.

We know that the idea of a walk-a-thon is not unique or new; they are done all the time. However, we believe that the low-ke…y, low-stress way we are going to go about doing Traffick Jam 2011 will encourage many people to participate.

In a nutshell, here’s what it looks like. We are asking people to sign up to walk ten miles, together, on May 7, 2011. Each participant in the walk asks ten friends to sponsor him/her. Each sponsor gives a donation of one dollar per mile. That’s ten dollars per sponsor. Many people will not be able to give huge amounts of money in these trying financial times, but they WILL be able to give ten dollars to stop the rape of a child. Ten dollars per sponsor, times ten sponsors, is one hundred dollars. So, each participant brings in $100, and also pays the $15 registration fee to cover the cost of his/her t-shirt and shipping the t-shirts to all fifty states. If we have one hundred walkers in one state, then that is $10,000. You do the math! We could raise enough money to see our dreams of FREEDOM begin to come true in Cambodia and Thailand, stretching all across South East Asia as we grow and multiply.

Soul Surfer Movie Review (well, sort of review)

I watched the Soul Surfer movie last night with my daughter and love it!  When I came home, I was curious to find out what others are saying so I Googled “Soul Surfer Reviews”,. I saw the Rotten Tomatoes review page.  Interesting how the movie critics there gave it an average rating of 51% while the viewers gave it 87%.  

Many of the critics think the movie is bland.  They think it lacks excitement.  One of them said that the shark biting scene wasn’t “scary” like that of Jaws.   But this movie is not really about the shark, is it?

Another interesting critic comment is that Bethany is almost eerie in her optimism.  Here’s the quote:

The flaw in the storytelling strategy of “Soul Surfer” is that it doesn’t make Bethany easy to identify with. She’s almost eerie in her optimism. Her religious faith is so unshaken, it feels taken for granted. The film feels more like an inspirational parable than a harrowing story of personal tragedy.  – Roger Ebert review

Reading R. Ebert’s comment reminded me of the Phil 4:7 verse in the Bible when it says  “.. and the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall guard your hearts and your thoughts in Christ Jesus”.  I think, that almost eerie optimism is that “peace that passeth all understanding”. It’s hard to understand, but that is what is it, that is what happened, and that is what they portrayed.  Oh I am sure there were many times of struggles and crying and agony, but the real heart of it ll is trusting their God in this difficult circumstances. 

I love how the movie is bold about sharing Bethany’s faith in God and yet it is done in a subtle way, not a “believe or go to burn in hell” kind of way.   I love how their family was portrayed, how they are all so supportive to each other.  I love that the movie does not have provocative sex scenes and does not have too much gory violent scene; I love that the language use are decent and does not contain a lotsof F word that is so common in most movies nowadays.  I love that  “loving others” was emphasized; I love that  the “not giving up in times of hardship” is taught.  This is the kind of movie I want my kids to watch and it’s hard to find movies like this nowadays.  Even the Disney animated movies these days are so full of sarcastic jokes that kids  learn to be too sarcastic instead of using courteous and kind words.  Ahhh, maybe I am just an old fashion mama, but this is how I feel, and since I have a blog I thought I might as well give my 2 cents worth of review of this film.  If you have not seen the movie yet, go see it.  It really is a simple movie that is worth watching.  Don’t  expect spectacular, expect a good.  And since most review pages give star and points, I might as well give it a 5 starts out of 5.   🙂   

Wish There’s a USB Port In My Head, And I Can Easily Download My Thoughts As A Blog Post …

… but then again, maybe not.

So many things in my mind lately.  If I don’t dump some of it out into my blog (or journal),  I would have an overload …

There is a radical decision I am contemplating on doing this weekend.  No, I am not committing suicide.  I believe God gave us life to live it abundantly. I love my life – with all it’s joys and challenges.  Suicide hurts, not only on own body and soul, but it hurts our loved ones even more deeply. It makes the people who loves us most and we love most suffer.  If you Googled the word “committing suicide” and this post came up and you are reading it, take it as a sign that you should not do it. Enjoy life. E-mail me and I’ll talk story” with you..

There is a radical decision I am contemplating on doing this weekend.  No, I am not divorcing my husband.  I believe in honoring my marriage’s commitment of “till death do us part”.  Sure there are ups and downs.  And maybe romance is slipping away a bit and needs improvement.  Bottomline, I love my husband and he loves me. That is fine. “Romance” (googly eyes on the cartoon as my kids would describe it) and “that lovin’ feeling” come and go.  Commitment is the key.  Life is busy, very busy at this stage in our life.  That gooey feeling of romance will come back, when we find the time to bring it back.  For now, we need to find time to be sane and not get caught up with the “hustle and bustle” of this world. To make the right decisions. And to be happy on where we are at.  One of my best friends is moving out of their home next month.  She and her husband are separating.  I do not judge her. I love her so much.  I know both she and her husband are wonderful people and the decision did not come lightly. But I am still sad.  It’s just sad to see such a great marriage back then lose it’s bond now.  I still am hoping things will be worked out.  I am not giving up hope.

There is a radical decision I am contemplating on doing this weekend.  I do not have the details about it. I have to study every step of the way.  But I am confident it will work out for good.

I cannot tell you yet what that radical decision is.  And honestly, it might seems radical to me but minini to you.  Don’t get too excited about it. Don’t get too intrigued.  It’s just me…. me and the many things that goes on my head that keeps me awake in the middle of the night.  It’s just me and my never ending ideas and possibilities. Really, it’s not that radical for you, but for me it would be.

I hear my husband’s alarm clock going off.  Time to log off the computer. Aloha and a hui hou!

The Serenity Pray and I

The Serenity Prayer
God grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change;
courage to change the things I can;
and wisdom to know the difference.
Living one day at a time;
Enjoying one moment at a time;
Accepting hardships as the pathway to peace;
Taking, as He did, this sinful world
as it is, not as I would have it;
Trusting that He will make all things right
if I surrender to His Will;
That I may be reasonably happy in this life
and supremely happy with Him
Forever in the next.
– Reinhold Niebuhr
As I am sitting here with a struggle in my mind, I was reminded of the prayer above.  It does capture the cry of my heart. But the quest for “the wisdom to know the difference” is so great.  I doubt I can ever truly achieve it.  Even with all the “trusting, surrendering, casting of my cares” that I am doing (or so it seems I am doing), I still struggle with the question “why” on some areas of my life.

There are days when I think my struggles are a test of faith that makes me closer to the Lord, but there are also days when I doubt if I am doing things right.  And then I get worried that one day I would just break and get off track.  “The wisdom to know the difference“. I need that.  I need the wisdom to know the difference on which things I should accept and which thing I should fight to change, to make the difference. There are days when I think I am doing well, and there are days when I think I am not …

OK, the days when I feel “I am not” fall about right within the PMS zone and the “why the heck am I not refilling my thyroid pills when  know I should” days.  OK, enough introspection.  It’s time to start the day and do the  chores…
Search me, O God,
and know my heart; Try me, and know my anxieties; and
see if there is any wicked way in me,
and lead me in the way everlasting.
Ps. 139:23-24 

Visiting My Family In The Philippines

I am going back to the Philippines!  Ok, don’t panic.  It’s not permanent.  I am actually going back there for an emergency visit. Only one week – Dec 15 to 22.  My uncle who we are very close with, suddenly died from a stroke while visiting the Philippines (from New Jersey).  That was the incident that made us decide I really need to go back to the Philippines for a visit. The other day my oldest brother who are taking care of my parents told me that my mom’s dementia is getting worse.  I wanted to visit her before she forgets who I am …
It’s been nine (9) years since I last visited the Philippines.  I am soo excited that I am going back there at this time.  I know one week is very short, but that’s all we can afford and am very thankful for it. I know I won’t have much time to visit friends, as I would like to spend much time to be with my mom and dad ( yep, one week is short!).
Seeking your prayers for safe travels, and for my family here on Maui while I am gone. Hubby with be with the kids. I’m sure they’d have lots of fun.
I will be blogging about my travel here. I will also post a lot about “Christmas In The Philippines”.
Mahalo and aloha,

When #FAIL comes your way, #ENCOURAGEMENT is an anti-dote

I am amused whenever I see a failwhale photo flash on my screen.  Not that I would like a failwhale to happen.  I am a Twitterholic, and I really don’t like it when Twitter is down.  However, the failwhale logo represents something more, something worth talking about. But before I get distracted talking about a Twitter  failwhale, what I really want to talk about is our life’s failwhales and how to overcome it. Let me use my recent life’s failwhales as examples:

1. FailWhale No 1:  Fundrasing for Blogworld2011 – since I started blogging in 2006, one of my dreams is to be able to attend the blogworld conference.  I thought that this year I will be able to do it though a fundraising campaign.  But just as I launced the campaign on my blog, I got the news that my mom passed away. I flew back to the Philippines and stayed there for 10 days. The campaign was put on a back burner.  When I came back to Maui, life got so busy that I didn’t have the time to work on the campaign.  BlogWorld2011’s date is so close now that I don’t think I’d make it.  #Failwhale! Am I bummed? Of course I am.  I had been wanting to attend this for a long time.  And  aside from the fact that I wanted to go to LA to attend Blogworld, another desire is to go to LA to visit my brother there while I am attending Blogworld.  It’s a long story, but it’s  a #fail for now.

2. FailWhale No.2: Applying to be a speaker at TEDxMaui 2011 – I don’t know what possessed me to think that I am even worthy of applying to be a speaker at TEDxMaui.  But the thought never left my mind when I first heard of TEDxMaui,  so I did it.  I knew that if I didn’t submit my “half-baked” application on the deadline, I would forever be wondering “what if”.  I submitted my application the day before they announced the names of some of the speakers.  The next day, when I saw thelist of speakers, I was so embarrassed that I had the “delusions of grandeur” to apply to be a speaker at TEDxMaui.  What medication I was on, I didn’t know! Right now, it’s a  #Fail. But then again, maybe not.  You want to know what the “big idea” I had for TEDxMaui? I wanted to speak about “ENcouragement” (the  TEDxMAui theme is “Courage To Dream”), which lead me to the conclusion of this post.

#ENCOURAGEMENT. – “When life thows you a #failwhale, #encouragement is your anti-dote.

Since I illustrated what a #failwhale is through my life’s example, let me also illustrate what #Encoragement (or #EncourageWIN as I’d call it) is through my life’s example.

1. #Encouragement -When I woke up this morning, I got a notification from KLOUT saying that Liz Strauss added me to her KLOUT list under GREAT MOMS.  Now if you know me well, you know that’s one of the greatest compliment you can ever give me.  I love being a mom. That really is a my passion. And for someone like Liz Strauss to include me in a list of great moms is a huge encouragement to me. This made my day today which made those #failwhales easy to take.

Going back to the FAILWHALE – what I love about it is that it’s the “little birds” that carrying the whale.  There’s an insight to that. Think about it.  Those little birds are the encouragers in my life.  When the feeling of  “I am a huge failure (huge as in a whale)” comes to mind, the encouragements of  little birds can carry us along until we arrive at a #WIN.  Gotta love those birds!

So one more time: When life thows you a #failwhale, #encouragement is your anti-dote.

This Mama Blogger Is On A Roll!

It’s 5:23 in the morning. I have already been up for an hour and been tweeting, e-mailing and FB’ing. Now I am writing a post for this blog. Yeah baby, this Mama Blogger is on a roll!

Truth is I should be writing a post for A Maui Blog right now. But I thought it would be fun to visit here first. Afterall, this is my first love, my first “blog love”.

There are a lot of things in my mind right now. The upcoming Thanksgiving, my kids’ schooling, the business blog I will be resurrecting, plans for my work as a Social Media Director at Premiere Mortgage and Aloha Luxury Properties, and not to forget our daily dinners, etc.

My life is busy. Crazy busy. But I have learned to take it day by day so I don’t get stressed out by it. But there’s one thing I am a bit concern. I am noticing that our “life with friends” is being affected by our busyness . Recently we had been neglecting spending time with our “old friends”. We just don’t hang out with them as much as we used to. That is not good. Yesterday we were supposed to go to a “first birthday party” of our good friends’ son. We planned on attending but bailed out the last minute due to some complications in “the home front”. This year’s Halloween, instead of spending it with our best friends up in Waikapu which we’ve done in the previous years, we decided to stay in Kihei. Hmm…

Speaking of “this Mama Blogger Is On A Roll” I better get rolling writing my posts at A Maui Blog. Need to. Exciting things are hapenning at A Maui Blog – I need to keep up with the momentum.  It was nice stopping by here for a quick visit. And if you are still reading this post up to this point, I salute you, and love you. Yep, this post is so quick and random. Thanks for reading!

I Am A Vagabond Christian

Last night as our family and I were watching a Swedish movie titled “The Christmas Story” the term vagabond was used.  I had seen that word before – one of the travel blogs use it as a a name of the blog.  Somehow, the term vagabond resonated with me….
This morning I am thinking of attending Hope Chapel.  It’s hard to explain why.  I don’t think I am ready to go back there.  Feelings of stress overwhlem me just with the thought that I am going there this morning.  (And I might even back out by the time I finish this post).  I love being at Calvary Chapel South Maui.  I feel at home there.  I feel secure there.  But my husband somehow do not have the same enjoyment I feel there.  Not that he does not like it, but my guess is he misses our former church, Hope Chapel…

I guess this is the reason why I feel I am a vagabond Christian. A Christian with no permanent church.  Aside from Hope Chapel and Calvary Chapel South Maui, I also love Kumulani Chapel.  I love their Pastor Ricky Ryan (Mr. Super Encourager) and if it’s not for the distance (I know, it’s not that far, but it’s still far from us) we would probably be going there regularly and might settle there as a home church….

I am a Vagabond Christian – at least I am for the moment.  I trust God will lead us to the right church, as a family, one day.  I know where I want to be but my family is also a high priority for me, and I think it’s important to go to church as a family… One day I’ll find out where….

But in the meantime, I am a Vagabond Christian – at least for a while.  Thank God Christianity is not based on church or religion but on our relationship with Jesus Christ….

vag·a·bond (vg-bnd)


1. A person without a permanent home who moves from place to place.
2. A vagrant; a tramp.
3. A wanderer; a rover.



1. Of, relating to, or characteristic of a wanderer; nomadic.
2. Aimless; drifting.
3. Irregular in course or behavior; unpredictable.


intr.v. vag·a·bond·ed, vag·a·bond·ing, vag·a·bonds

To lead the life of a vagabond; roam about.


I attended Hope Chapel and had a wonderful time.  It’s hard to tell why I feel  stress and anxiety with the tought of going there (they are all very nice there, it’s more on my part), but I am glad I overcome it, went and had a blessed time there.  It was a very nice visit.