I Have Some Nice Things to Remember My Mother by

My dad often bought my mother jewelry as a gift on different holidays or even on her birthday. I remember her opening beautiful little boxes and gasping as she pulled out something that sparkled and brought her great delight. Often, he bought her things with blue topaz gemstones in them because he said they matched the color of her eyes. Mom did have beautiful eyes. Back then, colored contacts were not even available, but if you have seen someone wear blue-tinted contacts that make their eyes a brilliant blue, that’s what hers looked like. If she were alive today, I am positive people would ask her if she wears them. That color is rare when it comes to being 100 percent natural, and neither myself or my two siblings were lucky enough to be born with that same color ourselves.

When my mother passed away, I was away in another country on a mission trip. Cell phones service was very spotty where I was in the jungle, and I didn’t learn of her passing for at least a few days. I was devastated that I was not by her side.

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Corporate Party Entertainment and Ideas

Corporate parties are the main activities in business today. Companies throw large corporate parties to launch new products or services or to declare a new acquisition or to just give its employees a chance to enjoy. In such parties, party favors have become a common thing. Corporate Christmas party entertainment s in general have a tendency to be boring so if you are planning to organize a business party your first aim should be to make it as much fun as possible and for that to happen you need to plan everything ranging from food to venue. Gifts and favors help you a lot in making these business parties look attractive so adequate time must be spend in choosing the right party favors.

One of the best ways to make your corporate party a success through gifts is to give away personalized gifts. This is not possible everywhere but at least wherever it is possible it should be followed. For example, if a manager likes playing golf then gift him a golf tee or if someone likes music gift him something related to music.

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Upgrading the Filtration System on Our HVAC System

Our house has forced air heating and cooling. The most annoying parts of it are dust and spreading of odors. You could just be finished dusting in our house and see a fine layer of it on furniture just a few hours later. Plus, if I was cooking something with garlic or onions, you could smell it all throughout the house when the heat or AC was on. We have a good stove vent, but our filter system in the furnace and AC was not the best. I called a place that upgrades HVAC in New York City after my neighbor told me about the HEPA and electrostatic filtration system he has. It is like those room air purifiers, but it works throughout the whole house.

The system has a HEPA filter that traps particulates that are very small. The filter before it is electrostatic and grabs a lot of dust and bigger particles.

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The Laws Work in Our Favor

A lot of people have been able to benefit from the new electricity options that have come up in the past year. The state has gone through some changes with the laws, which has made it possible for more companies to be able to provide energy to anyone who is willing to pay for it. It’s so weird that we were living with an energy monopoly for so long, and no one bothered to do anything about it. The people decided to finally do something and let their voices be heard. They cast their vote and now the results of those votes have become a reality.

I couldn’t wait to get away from my old energy provider. They were one of the worst companies that I’ve ever seen. The company has terrible customer service, when you can actually reach it.

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We Demand More Competition from Cable

I wasn’t surprised when I went to go find a cable TV provider and who I found ended up being Comcast. I mean, it’s just shocking isn’t it? As someone who has lived in three different states thousands of miles apart from each other, I would have expected there to be some sort of different company to choose from! Alas, this has not been the case. I try my best not to hate Comcast. I love cable television for all the great premium content that they have but I really dislike this company. Sometimes I think it might be best to just pick a state that they don’t service.

I don’t want to have to do that, though. I shouldn’t have to do that! It’s really mind blowing that there is so very little competition right now.

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From Vessel to Vessel, All For His Glory

Pastor Dominic announced on Sunday that he and his family are moving to England.  The first official announcement was done last Wednesday night. (listen to it at God of New Things podcast) .

We just started attending Calvary Chapel South Maui about a month ago, and I was truly enjoying pastor Dominic’s teachings. I was being ministered to in a way that I needed to.  So, deep inside of me I wanted to be very  disappointed when I first heard the news. Obviously, for selfish reasons. I wanted to feel betrayed or let down.  I wanted them to stay.  But the other part of me knows it’s all in God’s hands and it’s all part of the plan.  I knew he is following God’s will.

The last 4 weeks that we are going to Calvary Chapel I kept on thinking how much the Sunday messages were designed specially for me. Each Sunday I come home feeling encouraged by the Lord through pastor Dominic’s words. The truth is, the message was designed for all of us, including pastor Dominic’s family. God has a way of working together everything for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purpose. I am sad, yes. But life will go on and God will use another one to minister to me, to us. And he will use pastor Dominic and his family in England.

Last night I listened to the podcast of the Wednesday Bible Stody (God of New Things)  where he poured out his heart as he announced this move.  The story is all too close to my heart.  Many events in my life were similar in a way (even way back when I was still in the Philippines).  I thought of blogging about those stories, but can’t even find the energy or the words to do so. All I know is that there is a common thread in the stories: that sometimes God pour us from vessel to vessel to accomplish the will that He has for us and for the world.  What I had learned is that if we are sensitive to His leading, if we obey His words, and if stay close to Him, He will lead the way and blessings will be poured upon us.  It’s not always easy, but the peace of God would always be there.

One of the church member helped pastor Dominic set up a website for him and his family. And there’s a blog in it it. Talk about getting connected.  I always believe that a blog is one of the best connecting tool available out there, and I am glad a blog was set-up for him.

So what’s next? I don’t know.  Are we staying at Calvary or are we supposed to attend Kumulani Chapel? I think we are going to take it day by day, Sunday by Sunday, until we (my husband and I) know for sure where the next vessel we should be….

Bringing Every Thoughts Captive To The Obedience Of Christ

This past couple weeks I had been doing some “spiritual spring cleaning”.  I have done a lot of scrubbing and I think some (or most) of the painful parts of cleaning is over.  At least for now. We all know that cleaning is a never ending “chore”, and so I must maintain the cleanliness, and someday I will once again have to do some deep cleaning as I had been doing this past weeks.

What helped me is this spiritual spring cleaning thing is the verse in the Bible that says:

Casting down arguments, and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ;  – 2 Cor. 10:5 KJV

Most of the spiritual battles I have are fought inside my head (and my heart).   They start as small thoughts … then a conversation between two voices inside my head.  Please do not think I am schizophrenic, I am  not.  But the “two voices” is how I can best describe the thing that goes on in my head. The only was to win is to bring my thoughts to the obedience of Christ. I did and I won.

Two “issues” I was able to deal this past couple of weeks were “Pride and Envy”. These are tough ones to deal with because they are very subtle when they come in. They sneak in the back door. They pretend they are “with us and for us” and yet they come to destroy us. These two are not obvious in my life. None or only few of my family and friends will say I have issues with pride and envy.  These nasty     issues are imbedded in the heart where no one else sees, and only comes visible when exposed by the true light.  These “pride and envy” are dangerous enemies in our spiritual battles and the only way to win is to fully arm ourselves with the Grace of God.

I was planning to write details of this battle that went on my mind, but I think I need to go back to bed and get some sleep.  In the meantime, here is a link to an article about envy that I really like.  It comes from the website “Desiring God” which is now one of my favorite websites to go to and read.  John Piper’s writings are truly inspirational.

Answered Prayers

“Call unto me, and I will answer you…and show you great things which you do not know”. I am quoting this verse out of memory.. I know it’s in Jeremiah somewhere. I will add the correct verse later…

A couple of hours after I posted my blog about “friends”, I turned the radio on and guess what the preacher was talking about on the radio?. He’s talking about the verse I quoted earlier about friends. Some may call this co-incidence, I call it answered prayer. It was a comfort and encouragement to listen to Pastor Jeremiah talk about “friendship”. Every word spoken seems a direct response to many of my questions to God. What an awesome God we have.

And it does not end there. Another thing that is causing major stress and anxiety in me is the fact that I couldn’t figure out this immigration papers that I need to finalize ASAP. This is disturbing to me… I am an office manager and I do my job well…and yet when it comes to figuring out this paperwork I have been hitting a dead end. It was very very frustrating to say the least. Finally, I thought I’d stop being “stingy”. I’d just call a law office who specializes in immigration law and I’d consult. I’d pay – whatever. Well, when I looked at the directory, the law firm we use for the company I work for is listed as one of the “Immigration Law” expert. (I didn’t know they do immigration stuff). I called them. Since I have a very good relationship with this law firm (from receptionist, to secretary to many of the attorneys), the Senior attroney is very willing to help me out on this, pro bono! He told me to go see him at his office today at 3PM! Talk about answered prayer!