Physical Therapy for Herniated Disc and Back Pain

Do you suffer from chronic back pain? Physical therapy can be very instrumental in managing chronic pain. Call the Back Pain and Herniated Disc Treatment Centers to request a consultation today.

The goal of Physical therapy is to improve functionality as well as to relieve pain. There are two forms of physical therapy: passive and active.

Passive Physical Therapy Options

A passive physical therapy option is defined as a service or procedure that the patient receives from the practitioner, or administers to themselves.

Examples of passive physical therapy options include the following:

  1. Heat and Cold Therapy: Heat therapy involves the application of a heat pack, and cold therapy involves the application of an ice pack. Individual patients tend to gravitate toward one or the other. During an episode of pain, these therapies may be applied for 10-20 minutes, around every two hours, or as needed.
  2. Iontophoresis: Iontophoresis delivers steroids through the skin with the accelerating power of an electrical current. First a steroid is applied to the skin,  and then an electrical current is applied that causes it to penetrate into the tissues. Steroids produce an anti-inflammatory effect, which in turn reduces pain. 
  3. TENS Units for Electrotherapy: A transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulator (TENS) unit uses electrical stimulation to override pain signals that are sent to the brain.
  4. Ultrasound: During this treatment, sound waves are applied, which penetrate into the soft tissues. Ultrasound can be very effective in managing acute episodes of pain and may enhance tissue healing.

Active Physical Therapy:

Active physical therapy, focuses on specific exercises and stretching. For most lower back pain treatments, active exercise is the focus of the physical therapy program. You may think that exercise is counter-intuitive when you are already in pain, but it can actually be quite beneficial.  For example: the stability of the lower back is largely dependent on the support of the abdominal muscles. Strengthening the abdominal muscles results in less pressure on the lower back, resulting in pain reduction. In addition, exercise will improve your overall wellness.

A trained physical therapist can review the specifics of your condition and recommend a specific treatment regimen. If you are interested in receiving either passive or active physical therapy for your herniated disc back pain, call the Back Pain and Herniated Disc Treatment Centers and request an appointment today.

The best physical therapy is not as good as the natural function of the body. In this body’s self-healing process, good sleep quality plays a decisive role. And a good mattress will undoubtedly play a decisive role in the quality of sleep. There are many types of mattresses, and the firm mattress has a very good relief effect on backache. Today we will talk about the difference between synthetic and “natural” latex.

I hear from people all the time that are looking for a latex mattress, and after doing some research are even more confused than when they began.

What is the difference between synthetic and “natural” latex? Are there real differences in comfort and durability between them? And when they realize that both of these flavors of latex are made using 2 different processes — Talalay and Dunlop method — they tell me they can literally feel their brain about to explode.

That is why I came up with this little cheat sheet — the 5 most important things you need to know when looking at buying a latex mattress. These 5 tips will insure that you get the right latex mattress for you, but also insure that you don’t get taken if it somehow doesn’t work out for you by making sure you get a rock solid money back trial.

So whether you end up buying your latex mattress offline or online, here are my 5 tips to make sure you get the most comfortable latex mattress without getting taken:

  1. Get 100% Natural Latex For The Best Results And Longest LifespanAvoid synthetic latex or blends, as diluting Natural Latex reduces the buoyant, immediately responsive and highly elastic qualities only the genuine botanical stuff can offer.I believe our focus on all natural latex is why, in over 300 customer reviews, we have 91% saying they would refer our natural latex mattresses to a friend. This is much higher than the 80% overall satisfaction rating for latex beds that website Sleep Like The Dead cites based on its survey of over 16,000 actual mattress customers. And even more impressive compared to the 62% satisfaction rating for conventional inner springs.That is why I only sell natural latex mattress — they do cost a bit more than synthetic or synthetic blends, but the additional comfort is more than worth it.
  2. Buy From A Store That Sells Only Natural Latex And Knows How To Properly Blend The Right Densities And Kinds Of LatexYou can buy a latex mattress almost anywhere, but creating a mattress that has the right “recipe”, greatly affects the comfort, support, lifespan, and pressure relieving qualities of the bed.I feel so strongly about this that I make a yearly pilgrimage to our manufacturer’s factory and spend time testing all sorts of different types of natural latex, different densities, and different layerings to make sure our latex mattresses have the best possible feel.I think this is one of the main reasons we have such high ratings for our latex mattresses. All natural latex mattresses aren’t created equal — our attention to detail on both the quality of natural latex used in our mattresses along with the particular way we combine these different makes all the difference.
  3. Research The Mattress Through Real Customer Reviews — Look For At Least 30 Reviews With At Least A 4 Star RatingMake sure there are plenty of real customer reviews (not cherry picked third party “reviews”) on the latex mattress you are considering buying. Research shows that 30 reviews are a minimum to show the general range of reviews and give the ratings some reliability. And I set the minimum ratings at 4 stars — while all our ratings average 4 1/2 stars, I do think anything 4 stars an up shows that the mattress worked well for the majority of people trying it out.In my experience, reviews that meet these criteria can also help you get a feel for whether a particular mattress might make sense for you. On our site, I’ve broken out the reviews for each of our three models, so you can see each ones’ separate overall review of the ratings, along with the individual reviews that people have posted.I am often asked if our reviews are for real. And I understand people’s skepticism — looking around I do wonder myself if reviews I see are legitimate.I can say that with the software we use, I don’t have the ability to edit or change a review in any way. And as for whether the reviews are from real customers, with our 365 day money back trial, there just isn’t any incentive for us to try to manipulate the reviews. I want customers to get as realistic a view of how our mattresses work as they possibly can — I’m investing in every person that buys a mattress from us, and since I do lose a fair amount on every return, I want people to get the most accurate picture possible before buying our mattress.So if you look at our reviews, you will see that I include the whole range of people’s reviews. While 90%+ of our reviews are 4 – 5 star, you do see the occasional person who just didn’t care for them. And this is just how it is in reality — even the best received products sometimes don’t work out for people.So beware those sites or sellers that only offer glowing tributes. And of all the content out there, I really feel that the reviews are the most important — they get to the heart of the matter, if the mattress worked out for folks and why, and I find these reviews are often the best way to get a feel of whether a mattress might suit your particular comfort and sleep needs.
  4. Look For A Dealer With Strong Credentials — Like High BBB Ratings And Strong Customer Service Ratings and ReviewsI know that mattress retailers have lousy PR — in surveys, we often come in just one step ahead of used car salesmen.I do think the internet has done a lot to change this, though, by allowing businesses to be absolutely transparent about who they are and if they really do take care of their customers.That is why I decided early on to join the BBB and also have a third party site that allowed customers to review our customer service (formerly, now it is Ebay Commerce Network). In order to be transparent as possible, I post live links to our BBB ratings and our reviews on Ebay Commerce Network right at the top of every page. If you find a site that shows these sorts of badges but they aren’t live linked to a report or reviews, that is a red flag that you may need to look further into whether these credentials are valid.I’m proud we’ve earned an A rating from the BBB, as well as 5 Star, Trusted Store Status, from the Ebay Commerce Network (on over 250 customer reviews). These third party ratings show we do abide by our money back return policy, and also are responsive to our customers for any customer service issues that, despite our best efforts, do arise from time to time.When you are looking around, make sure you check other sellers out to make sure they also provide these levels of customer service — your latex mattress is a significant investment, and you want to make sure it is with a company you can trust.
  5. Make Sure That The Dealer Offers A Rock Solid Return Policy — Not A Store Credit — And That They Honor ThemLook for a company that offers a great trial period, and an easy, no hassle return policy. Make sure the dealer has been around awhile has reliable customer service, such as direct phone numbers, live chat, email communication, so if you have an issue after your purchase, help is readily available.I can’t tell you crucial this is. I often hear from folks that spent a lot of money on a mattress, and when it didn’t work out they just couldn’t return it. Or if they could, often they could only get store credit, but this wasn’t useful since there wasn’t another mattress in that store they wanted to try out.So ask up front what the return policy is, whether it is truly a money back return policy or store credit, how long it lasts, if there are any requirements on the condition of the mattress on a return, etc.I try to be as up front and clear about ours policies as possible. All of our mattresses come with a 365 day money back trial. And we do honor them and there are no “gotcha” clauses. You can read for yourself the reviews on our store on the Ebay Commerce Network to see that we do honor our policies.In addition, we have real people answering our phones every weekday 9 – 5 Central Time, and offer live chat and email as well for those who prefer these ways of contacting us.Customer service should likewise be a priority of whoever you buy from. Look for someone who also focuses on doing right by their customers with their money back trial as well as being easy to get ahold of in case some sort of problem arises.

I hope this guide has been helpful. And if you are interested in learning more about our line of all natural latex mattresses, we offer three easy to choose from options made using our own, special recipe of Natural Latex. In our customer reviews, 91% say they would recommend our latex mattresses to a friend, so I hope you will check them out and see if they might make sense for you.

Our Latex Mattress page offers all sorts of in-depth information as well as videos, answers to the most common questions we get, and you will also find all our customer reviews for our different mattresses. If you’d rather talk with someone or have questions you would like to get answered, just give us a call at 1-800-313-2591. We are available 9 – 5 CST, Monday – Friday, and our team has been with us for years and has specialized experience with latex mattresses and are happy to help you with any questions you may have.