Key facts

  • It is estimated that 45 per cent of Australians will experience a mental health condition in their lifetime.
  • On average, one in six people – one in five women and one in eight men – will experience depression at some stage of their lives.
  • Depression is the leading cause of disability in Australia. Around one million Australians experience depression each year.
  • On average, one in four people – one in three women and one in five men – will experience anxiety in their lifetime. Over half of those who experience depression also experience symptoms of anxiety.
  • Over two million people experience anxiety each year, making it the most common mental health condition in Australia.
  • Although depression and anxiety can be as debilitating as a serious physical illness, less than half of those experiencing these conditions seek help.
  • These conditions tend to affect people during their prime working years.

Untreated depression has an enormous impact on the workplace.

Every year, Australian businesses lose $12.3 billion through absenteeism, reduced productivity, and staff turnover directly connected to untreated depression.

More than six million working days a lost each year in Australia as people struggle with depression without the assistance they need. By raising awareness and reducing the stigma attached to mental illness, we can help each other get back to our best.

If a culture of silence holds people back from getting help, poor mental health can create low morale in the workplace; exhaustion; high turnover; and a greater risk of accidents and other mishaps at work.

If you are concerned about a colleague, make sure they know you care and want to help. Let them know about the services available to support those in need.