Improving mental health in your workplace

There are a number of things you can do to improve mental health and prevent suicide in your workplace.

Having a mentally healthy workplace is not only good for morale, it boosts productivity and reduces absenteeism.

Here are some tips for improving mental health and preventing suicide in your workplace:

  • Encourage your workplace to commit to implementing suicide prevention activities, such as promoting RUOK Day and Mental Health Week
  • Increase awareness of mental health conditions – for example, you could print off some flyers and promotional material and hang it in your lunchroom or on the staff noticeboard
  • Reduce stigma by speaking openly about mental health conditions in the workplace and encouraging others to do the same
  • Build the skills and confidence to approach someone who may be experiencing difficulties
  • Sign up for mental health first aid training
  • Encourage staff experiencing mental health problems to seek help
  • Support staff with mental health conditions to stay at or return to work
  • Monitor and manage workloads
  • Increase input in to how people do their work
  • Prevent bullying and discrimination
  • Provide regular performance feedback

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