Essential Tools for Home Music Production

Most musicians record at home these days, mainly because it is quick and easy and now well within the financial grasp of most. It’s great to be able to produce demos and get your ideas recorded as you want to hear them, but you can also produce professional quality recordings that are ready for distribution without breaking the bank.

USB Audio Interface

To get started you will need a method of connecting all of your microphones and instruments to your computer. There are lots of USB audio interface devices around for under $100 that will allow you to connect one or two instruments and/or microphones. But if you are serious, you are going to want to connect four input sources and you can do this with excellent quality equipment for around $200. All of these devices include high quality recording software, as used in the major studios.

Here’s a sample of some well priced quality units that you can buy wherever you are located.

Studio Monitors

You really should have good quality active/powered studio monitors that will deliver true, accurate sound results. A second low-cost output device, like a boom box, is also useful to ensure parts of your mix don’t disappear on cheaper sound systems.

These affordable monitors would be ideal.

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Stand-Mount Condenser Microphones

Even though they can be used for a wide variety of situations, large diaphragm microphones are most often used for capturing warm recordings of studio vocals. Small diaphragm microphones are better for drum overheads or acoustic string instruments. For a basic singer-songwriter set up, try a large diaphragm condenser for the vocals and a small diaphragm for an acoustic guitar.

Here are some ideal mikes of both types.

Acoustic Foam

Let’s face it nailing egg crates to the wall really does not cut it when you are trying to get that perfect sound mix. You can achieve the right sound environment with strategically placed acoustic foam. It’s not expensive and can be easily sourced below.

MIDI controllers

Finally, a MIDI controller is the best way to create a physical connection between the music in your brain and the technology that you record with. Whether you are tracking keyboards, pads, strings or electronic drum parts, add a human element to your recordings with a quality keyboard or drum MIDI controller.

With this sort of set up you are going to create the type of demos that are going to be listened to more than once, or even quality sounds that are ready to be pressed and sold.

What are you waiting for? Get clicking and you could have your own home studio in action in a matter of days.

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