7 Tips to Help You Quit Smoking

Arm Yourself with Good Information in the Battle Against Smoking


1. Clean Out – It almost goes with out saying that you should not have any cigarettes around the house, in your car or at work. So get rid of them all. You do not want or need a fall back pack. You should also get rid of any smoking paraphernalia like ashtrays and lighters. Also clean out the smell of smoke from your life by washing your clothes and detailing your car.

2. Create a List – Make a list of all the reasons you want to and need to quit. In case you need reminding that includes cancer, cardio vascular problems including heart attack and stroke, chronic pain, breathing problems such as bronchitis and emphysema and simply regaining your sense of smell and taste. Of course you should not forget the financial benefits. Depending how much you smoke, this could become apparent before the health benefits. Imagine what you could buy for yourself and your family if you put away the money you spend on cigarettes every day. Put those items on the list for added incentive. Carry the list with you so you can refer to it when you have a craving, or your will to quit is starting to weaken.

3. Do Something Else – When the cravings for a cigarette come, you need to do something to distract yourself. The cravings normally only last a few minutes and they will come less often the longer you have quit. To alleviate the oral cravings, chew gum (sugar free), eat an apple or some other healthy snack. Try not to substitute one unhealthy routine for another like sweets, lollies or candy. They will give you other health problems like rotten teeth and weight gain. You could try cleaning your teeth when you have a craving, not every time obviously, but you should vary your craving solutions. Have an army of them you can call on. If you miss having a cigarette in your hand, have something else available like a pen or beads.

4. Drink Water – Most people do not drink enough water, smokers or otherwise. But in the quitters case it helps in two ways. It can be used as a substitution when you have a craving. It will also flush the nicotine and other toxins from your system that you have been putting in there from the cigarettes.

5. Deep Breathe – Deep breathing can also be used as a delaying tactic to help the cravings pass. It helps in a number of ways. It calms you and concentrates the mind. It also replicates the breathing change that you make when you draw on a cigarette, without sucking down all of those poisons. Some of the relaxation of smoking comes from the simple change of breathing, not just the artificial stimulants in the tobacco.

6. Cut Down Caffeine – If you drink a lot of coffee or even worse energy drinks, you will want to cut down on those too, as your body will retain more caffeine when there is no nicotine in it. This will make you jumpy and jittery and may increase your craving for a cigarette. It also becomes quite a habit for many smokers to have a cigarette with their coffee, so you want to break that pattern too. For the same reason you may also want to avoid alcohol, as many people find it hard not to smoke when they are drinking.

7. Get Help – We have left the biggest until last. If you are finding it difficult to quit do not be afraid or embarrassed about seeking help. Tobacco is a serious addiction, some say even more addictive than heroin and it has just as serious health issues. It may not kill you as fast as heroin, but it will almost certainly get you eventually. There are across the counter medications available to help you quit, such as nicotine patches or gum. Your doctor can also prescribe medication that will help reduce the cravings for cigarettes. Some people swear by hypnotism. You can visit a local practitioner or you could download MP3s that you could listen to as often you need to, without ever paying another consultation fee. Stop smoking subliminal MP3s come with a 60 day money back guarantee, if they do not work for you, you lose nothing.

The graphic below details some of the benefits of quitting smoking and how quickly they can be felt. So if you are going to quit, the best time to start is now!