I Have Some Nice Things to Remember My Mother by

My dad often bought my mother jewelry as a gift on different holidays or even on her birthday. I remember her opening beautiful little boxes and gasping as she pulled out something that sparkled and brought her great delight. Often, he bought her things with blue topaz gemstones in them because he said they matched the color of her eyes. Mom did have beautiful eyes. Back then, colored contacts were not even available, but if you have seen someone wear blue-tinted contacts that make their eyes a brilliant blue, that’s what hers looked like. If she were alive today, I am positive people would ask her if she wears them. That color is rare when it comes to being 100 percent natural, and neither myself or my two siblings were lucky enough to be born with that same color ourselves.

When my mother passed away, I was away in another country on a mission trip. Cell phones service was very spotty where I was in the jungle, and I didn’t learn of her passing for at least a few days. I was devastated that I was not by her side. She didn’t even have an illness, and it happened so suddenly. After I found out about it, it took another 2 days for me to make it to an airport so that I could fly home because I was in such a remote area. All I wanted to do was to rush home as soon as possible, but so many things were in the way.

By the time that I got home, I was so upset to find that I missed my mom’s funeral. I was feeling so incredibly heartbroken. My sisters divided up mom’s jewelry, and we each got some. Now, we each have many pieces of beautiful jewelry that looks like mom’s eyes. I will miss her, but when I look down at the jewelry on my wrists and fingers, I know that she is with me still.