What’s Up? Not Much

Both G and N are on a Tweens Camp organized by Hope Chapel. I dropped them off last Saturday morning and the pick up is not til Monday noon. That means my husband and I are alone in the house! What to do? what to do? One suggestion was for us to run around the house naked and do the husband and wife thing. What thing? You know (gosh, this is a G rated blog, you don’t expect me to write the details here do you – LOL!).

But there’s laundry to fold, clutter to clear, project to do, taxes to file…

But then again, this is a rare moment. When was the last time my husband and I had the time to be alone – just us? I can’t even remember. So we took (are taking) advantage of this “honeymoon time”.

I am ending my post for now. Hubby is taking me out to dinner to our favorite Thai Restaurant. Not too fancy, but with the recent news of my job termination and our present economy, eating out is already a “fancy” thing to do. We are just going to enjoy our time together.

I really have a lot to “talk about” and had been itching to post more but I guess I’ll save them all for tomorrow. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day tomorrow!