We Demand More Competition from Cable

I wasn’t surprised when I went to go find a cable TV provider and who I found ended up being Comcast. I mean, it’s just shocking isn’t it? As someone who has lived in three different states thousands of miles apart from each other, I would have expected there to be some sort of different company to choose from! Alas, this has not been the case. I try my best not to hate Comcast. I love cable television for all the great premium content that they have but I really dislike this company. Sometimes I think it might be best to just pick a state that they don’t service.

I don’t want to have to do that, though. I shouldn’t have to do that! It’s really mind blowing that there is so very little competition right now. How did something like this be allowed to happen? Surely someone could have seen a problem coming when they started buying up all the little cable companies. The best company that I was ever a customer of has to be Insight Communications but they were bought out by both Comcast (in Indiana) and the Time Warner (in Kentucky). Huh, funny that, don’t you think?

It’s like these two companies have been in cahoots with each other to try and dictate the nature of cable television and access to the Internet. If they’re able to control the market while allowing a few little guys here and there then they can dictate the pricing of everything. They don’t actively compete with one another despite the fact that they claim to be in constant competition whenever they are in the same market. But this happens almost never. It’s because they avoid being in the same market from each other – it’s so obvious that it hurts.