Visiting My Family In The Philippines

I am going back to the Philippines!  Ok, don’t panic.  It’s not permanent.  I am actually going back there for an emergency visit. Only one week – Dec 15 to 22.  My uncle who we are very close with, suddenly died from a stroke while visiting the Philippines (from New Jersey).  That was the incident that made us decide I really need to go back to the Philippines for a visit. The other day my oldest brother who are taking care of my parents told me that my mom’s dementia is getting worse.  I wanted to visit her before she forgets who I am …
It’s been nine (9) years since I last visited the Philippines.  I am soo excited that I am going back there at this time.  I know one week is very short, but that’s all we can afford and am very thankful for it. I know I won’t have much time to visit friends, as I would like to spend much time to be with my mom and dad ( yep, one week is short!).
Seeking your prayers for safe travels, and for my family here on Maui while I am gone. Hubby with be with the kids. I’m sure they’d have lots of fun.
I will be blogging about my travel here. I will also post a lot about “Christmas In The Philippines”.
Mahalo and aloha,