Lesson Learned From The Lump – There Is Power In Being Open

Today I received a negative news.  Usually we don’t like hearing the word “negative”, because it’s ummm, negative, you know what I mean.  But this time the “negative” news is actually a positive.  The biopsy result of the lump in my breast came back “negative” – that means there are no cancer cells! It’s just a lump, a cyst that we don’t have to worry about.  The negative was a great news!

There are many things I learned though this “lump in my breast situation”. There is one that I want to emphasize right now, and that is about openness.

There is power in being open.  Allowing others to others to support us and encourage us during a crisis or a difficult situation enables us to go through that situation with much confidence.

I won’t be able to fully describe the tremendous encouragement I got from family and friends right after I announced on Facebook that a lump was found in my breast and my concern that it might be cancer.  Hundreds of  replies. I read every single like and comments and I appreciated every.single.one of them.  The prayers, the positive thoughts, the love, the notes, messages and phone calls – all poured out on me and soaked in them throughout the process.  It kept me from being anxious, stressed or discouraged while I went through mammogram, ultrasound and biopsy.  Had I kept this “lump in my breast situation” to myself, I wouldn’t have been able to receive such outpouring of love.  This is indeed a lesson to learn.  When one goes through difficulties in life, it is good to be open to allow others to bless us with their love. 

Speaking of being open, I am also glad that I am very open about my faith in Jesus Christ, and that I give God the glory for the negative result of my lump.  I am always careful about doing this (calling it answered prayers) because I want to be sensitive to others who receive a different news than what I had.  When one gets a news that they have cancer, that does mean that their prayers were not answered and they have lesser faith than I do?  Absolutely not. It just means that God has another plan for their lives.  It is quite a complicated subject that can only be understood through the eyes of faith.

Once again, I want to express my deepest appreciation for all the support I got.  The prayers and positive thoughts I received from family and friends from various faith and beliefs made this “lump scare” not so scary at all.

So much to talk about, so much to share…..  until next time …